In still photography, Fabian Cordero discovers his way of expression, in this medium, he finds the color palette and the textures that he uses as raw material to create abstract works. Works with plasticity that becomes a clear reflection of his interest in art and nature, interest and passion that drive him to create his own proposal for him to engage in open dialogue with the plastic arts.

—Bruma Rios

Mexican photographer, he started photography at age 18, traveling throughout South America, an experience that triggered his passion when he found himself in front of the enormous cultural and environmental wealth in his journey. Since then, photography has been his passion and profession, working as photographer, director and producer of several film and photographic projects, themed mainly around art, cultural diversity, human rights and the environment.

After 25 years of photographic production, his professional career has taken him from the dark room, with classic photography, to digital photography, adapting himself to new technologies and formats, without leaving behind that which seduced him since his beginnings in photography: the color of reality itself.

Self-taught in still photograph, Fabian Cordero discovers his way of expression and finds in it the color palette and textures that he uses as raw material to create his work, which has always been in the abstract realm and linked to nature, important source of inspiration. At the beginning, his work consisted of diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs based on slides, today he forms multiple photo collages in which he always seeks to capture real colors, without postproduction, leaving them unaltered, using digital tools only for compositions in such a way that, in the work of Fabián Cordero, photography becomes a means for aesthetic creation.